[ From Butch Ross ] Four Ways You Can Spend Your Social Isolation/Self-Quarantine With ME.

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Wed Mar 18 10:45:56 EDT 2020

So by now you’ve heard it all a thousand times: Don’t go out, don’t touch
your face, wash your hands etc. You have 50 rolls of toilet paper and all
the hand sanitizer that was left at the Walgreen’s, nothing to do now but
sit and wait. Well one of the best ways to pass the time is playing a
musical instrument, and here are four ways I can help you with that.

Skype/Facetime Lessons
Online lessons are a fairly common thing these days; my wife does a ton of
them. And with this thing happening, all my local students are doing the
same. I can show you just about anything you might want to know on mountain
dulcimer, ukulele, guitar or even things like music theory right in the
privacy of your own home. Lessons are $25 for 30 minutes, with multiple
payment options available. And all you need is an iPad, tablet or computer
with a camera to get started.

Download Books
All of my books are now available for download at butchross.com/downloads/
available for around $12.00. They also include the music so you can play
along or just listen (some of the music that accompanies the books are CDs
in their own right)

Download Music
Bandcamp, where I keep my digital download albums, is doing a very cool
thing. Starting Friday, they are going to waive their fees for hosting and
downloading music on their site. So by Friday (and I’ll send you a reminder
later) ALL of my records will be available online.  You can buy individual
tracks or whole albums, and you can listen to every track all the way
through before you decide. Individual tracks start at $1 and whole albums
start at $7 (but you can pay more if you want to). Also, every one of my
CDs has extra tracks that didn’t make the album when it came out. When you
buy the whole album, you’ll get all of those tracks as well.

Watch Stuff Online
Do you guys know about 2 Chord Tuesday? It’s where I play a two-chord song
(from my book) on the Ukulele. I’ve been doing it for like 6 months now. In
addition to that I’ll be adding more video content with stuff like tunes
from my books, new music/videos, and online concerts. All of this will be
free, but the best way to find out about it is subscribe to my YouTube
channel, which you can do here:

I won’t lie, doing any of this will help me a GREAT deal. Most of my income
comes from live performances, festivals and workshops and it looks like I
won’t be doing any of that for at least two months. I’m not looking for
charity *at all*, but I do have things to offer that can help you pass the
time and stave off the cabin fever a little bit. We’re all in this
together, and together we will get through these trying times.

C-ya out there (in here)


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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