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Tue Mar 8 06:57:55 EST 2016

Just the facts this time, hope I can see you at one of these.

March 10-13
Lagniappe Dulcimer Fête
749 N. Jefferson Ave., Port Allen, LA
My first time at this festival, and I've heard nothing but good things
about it for years and years now.

Tuesday, March 15 - 7pm
Butch and Trish's St. Patty's Day Spectacular
featuring Casey Phillips and Dan Landrum
online at concertwindow.com/butchross
This is a "free" (pay what you want) show.

Like my Christmas show, I have a loose defintion of "Irish Music" so, you
know, expect some U2 (kidding!). Seriously, Ireland made me fall in love
with singer/songwriters again, so expect some great songs from people
you've never heard of, as well as great traditional music from me and Casey
Phillips (who is a master of the craft) and Dan Landrum (who is good at
everything he does).

Saturday, March 19 - all day.
Gathering of Sweet Folk Instruments
Mountain Empire Community College
Big Stone Gap, VA
Big Stone Gap is about as in the mountains as you can get, it's so
beautiful there. And these guys do such a wonderful job of preserving and
propagating traditional music. I am proud to be asked to be a part of this
event for the second year.

Hey! Have I told you guys about the webcast that Trish and I have been
doing. We call it
"Dulcimer Road" and it's a kind of magazine show/travelogue of where we
(and sometimes just me) end up in the dulcimer world. Our second episode is
up online and you can watch it here: http://youtu.be/sSwOjjhI_8Q

and if you missed the first one that's available here:

These shows are, and hopefully always will be, free.

The way we envision Dulcimer Road working is that the monthlly podcast will
be free with quarterly live event that wiill be "pay what you want." The
first of these will take place on Tuesday, March 15 when we do our "Saint
Patty's Day Spectacular" live on concertwindow.com/butchross  Dan Landrum
and the amazing Casey Phllips will be joining us, and we hope that you can

That's the news for now. This year is shaping up to be a great one, but
more on that later.

See you on the road!



"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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