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Butch Ross butch at butchross.com
Wed Feb 13 18:13:31 EST 2013

Just a quick note about a couple of upcoming show, before I run off to band

*Thursday, February 14th, 9pm - $10*
(playing with Amber Fults and the Ambivalent Lovers)
with Amber Fults and the Ambivalent Lovers, Jennifer Daniels, and the
Woodford Sessions
and featuring: Ryan Oyer, Bexy Ribero, Gabriel Newell and the Scarlet Love
Rhythm and Brews
221 Market Street
Chattanooga, TN

Since y'all are scattered all over, I don't really plug the Amber shows
(since they're mostly in Chattanooga, TN) but this is just such a cool
thing. In addition to playing with Jennifer Daniel and the Woodford
Sessions, (two great local artists who have no shortage of love songs)
AFATAL (as we like to call ourselves) will also be backing up some local
friends as they come and play THEIR favorite love songs. We got some fun
surprises in store too.

*Saturday, February 16th, 7pm - $10
Concert at Feverhead*
1199 Goodale Blvd, Columbus, OH 43212
Doug Snapp - (614) 313-6424 or dougsnapp at gmail.com

I can't believe that it's been this long since I've been back to Columbus...
Feverhead is a funky little dance studio down in the Grandview Heights
section of Columbus. I'll be playing some tracks from the new CD as well as
a bunch of old faves. Feverhead is more a house concert than a venue, but
there are direction on the web site. If you have any questions, you can
contact Doug at the number/email listed above.

Me, I've been good, the Florida workshops and events were a blast and the
Tallahassee house concert was one of the best shows I've ever had. The
album is coming along, slowly, to be sure, but steadily. I'm about ready to
set up a Kickstarter Campaign, but don't worry, you'll hear about it when I

Hope yr house is warm and your feet are dry

C-ya out there.


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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