[ From Butch Ross ] in Philly area this weekend... and a new book/ep

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Wed Apr 6 00:24:58 EDT 2011

April 9th, 8pm - $15
XFS House Concert
Ambler, PA
RSVP via web site

Sunday, April 10th - see below
Workshops at Pinelands Folk Music Center
31 White St. (in Mill Race Village)
Mt. Holly, NJ 08060

12:30 to 2pm - The Right Stuff: A fun rhythm primer for beginners on up.
3pm to 4:30 - If You Like One Tune, Yu'll Like 'em Both: Learn to
recognize recurring patterns in old-time tunes and use them to help
you quickly learn new tunes.

$15 for each workshop or $25 for both.

On my way back to the great northeast for the first of two rounds in
the region. On the first round I'm flying Southwest, who have begun
offering complimentary sunblock on domestic flights (too soon?)
Anyway, this weekend, I'll be playing a house concert in Ambler, PA
for the XFS (Extreme Folk Scene) Who, I have to say, despite what
their name may imply, are really all about what folk music is really
all about. Anyway, a great bunch of folks, and Steve Quelet, a
songwriting buddy from a million years ago is opening the show. He's
great! get there early. Philly Folk, this is as close to the City of
"Yo" as I'll be for a while so make the trek (I think it's the R5).

The next day, I'm headed to NJ to Rich Carty's Pinelands Folk Music
Center. There I'll be teaching two workshops, one on rhythm, and one
on how learn old-time tunes quickly and effectively. The workshops are
$15 a piece or both for $25. Hope to see you there.

Finally, thanks to all of you who came to OVG up in Indianapolis, yes
it was cold. But it was wonderful. For me (and I've said this before)
VG is the symbolic end of winter and the beginning of the festival
season. So I'm glad it happened.

For those of you who weren't there, you might be interested to know
that I have a new book, called "The Beatletudes" it's seven of my
favorite Beatle tunes arranged for solo dulcimer, it is NOT any of the
ones on Neal Hellman's excellent Beatles book. In addition, it comes
with a CD of the tunes, But these are NOT instructional recordings,
These are full blown arrangements, including an alternate take of
"Eleanor RIgby" from the Shady Grove sessions. This is a full-on new
EP, that I will release as a solo recording, but probably only as a
fundraiser for the oft-mentioned new CD. So for right now this is the
only way to get it. It's on the merchandise page.
butchross.com/stuff.html I hope to videotape me doing these songs as
well, more on that as it develops.

That's it for now, I got more stuff in the works, but more on that
when I talk to you about my return to the Minstrel Coffeehouse in
Northern NJ in two weeks.

C-ya out there.

"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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