[ From Butch Ross ] October Shows part 2

Butch Ross butch at butchross.com
Thu Oct 14 10:55:26 EDT 2010

Hey y'all.

Just a quick follow up on last week's email. Hello to all the great folks I
met at the Museum of Appalachia last weekend, what a beautiful place that

This Friday, I will be performing at the Tremont Tavern, it's one of my
favorite watering holes. I'd call it my local, 'cept it's not all that close
to where I live. But it's everyone else's local, owned by true music fans
and a good place to be any given night of the week. My friend Alicia Smith
is moving to Nash-vegas and this will also be her going away party. She'll
play at 8:30, I'll play around ten.

Friday, October 15th
Tremont Tavern
1203 Hixson Pike
Chattanooga, TN 37405
(423) 266-1996


Have you signed up for the Chattanooga Dulcimer Fest? I hope so, it's gonna
be a really great time. Aaron O'Rourke, Aubrey Atwater, Bruce Ford, Stephen
Seifert and myself are teaching Mountain Dulcimer and Stephen Humphries, Dan
Landrum, Mark Alan Wade are teaching hammered. Randy Clepper and Bob
McMurray are gonna be there whihc means you can expect to see a Hammer-on
reunion too. And if you've never been to the Chattanooga Festival, I got to
tell you it's different than any other. It's technique oriented, so you'll
learn a lot, and Dan does a great job of organizing the myriad performers so
that the evening concert is an actual show.

Finally I want to direct your attention to a festival that I WON'T be at for
the first time since I started playing dulcimer. Jerry Rockwell is hosting
the Southeastern Ohio Dulcimer Festival at it's usual location the Federal
Valley Resource Center in Stewart, Ohio on Saturday, October 23. A lot of
the usual suspects will be there (Andy Beyer, Jerry Rockwell, Linda
SIgismondi and Paul Conrad) but this year the featured act is Josh Noe. Josh
is 19, a great player and I believe that this is his first gig as a featured
performer. If you have the time and the resources you should go, if not for
the workshops, then at least for the concert, Josh is a great, and very
original, player and the SEODF is a funky little festival that I have a soft
spot in heart for.

So there you go (see how loquacious I become when I'm not typing with my
phone?) If you're in town this weekend, come down to the Tremont. Otherwise
I hope to see you in two weeks on Monteagle mountain for the Chattanooga
Dulcimer Fest.

C-ya out there.


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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