[ From Butch Ross ] Lotsa upcoming shows in the Chattanooga area in the next two weeks.

Butch Ross butch at butchross.com
Mon Nov 30 17:32:41 EST 2009

Every year I take the forth quarter off from touring to leave myself
available for last-minute shows. These show rarely pay well (if at
all) but are usually a ton of fun. Here are five great ones in the
next two weeks.

Upcoming Shows:

Dec 5, 2009 - Kingsport, TN 11:30AM free
The Exchange Place at Gaines Preston Farm - Christmas in the Country
Hanging outplaying tunes when my good friend (and builder of my
currnet facvoruite dulcimer) teaches and does a bit of repairing.

Dec 5, 2009 - Chattanooga, TN (US) 4:30PM free
The Soho Building - MainX24
IF you're paying attention you'll see that this is the same day as the
Kingsport gig, with barely enough time to get from point A to point B.
It'll be worth the trip just to see if I've lost my mind

Dec 9, 2009 - Chattanooga, TN 7PM $5
Pasha Coffeehouse - Old Songs: In the Round with Noah Collins and
Shawnessey Cargile
No Dulcimer this time, just a guitar and a handful of old chestnuts I
ain't playing in a while,I may even pullout an imbroglio tune or two.

Dec 11, 2009 - Chattanooga, TN 9PM free
Market Street Tavern - Butch's 3rd Annual Xmas Xtravaganza
Every year it gets bigger and better and more fun. More in this one next week.

Dec 13, 2009 - Chattanooga, TN 1pm to 10pm $5
Miller Plaza - Give5
Twice a year, Shawnessey Cargile invests an extraordinary amount of
effort to mount a benefit for usually one or two needy families in the
Chattanooga area, for us musicians it's a chance for everybody to see
everybody else perform. This year is the first year they're charging a
cover. It's the best $5 you'll spend this year. Promise.

That's it for now, Just wnated to get this out to you quick like. Hope
you all had a qwondreful Thanksgiving and the Christmas turns out to
be just as good.

C-ya out there.


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