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Thu Apr 2 16:53:56 EDT 2009

First that show…

Tomorrow Night

JJ's Bohemia

10pm -- $5.00

With Christabel and the Jons

and the Smart Boys

Well the Ohio Valley Gathering was last weekend. Which is to me the official
kick-off of the dulcimer season (not that there aren't some awesome
festivals in Jan and Feb, its just that I feel like the ice melts when we
get to OVG and summer feels thisclose.

I have been “buried” (as the kids say) working on the new record and putting
together a new book. I also, finally, for the first time in like forever
have T-shirts!

*New Stuff:*

*12 Great Songs {almost} Nobody Plays.* I decided to put together a tune
book of some of the tunes that I’ve learned from old-time jams and other
places but don’t hear too often at dulcimer festivals. Since a lot of these
tunes will be “new to you.” I’ve decided to include two CDs of me playing
these tunes at three different speeds: Slow, Slower and Glacial. $18 without
CD $25 with (you totally want it with the CDs though)

*I Like Singing Folksongs T-shirts.* Okay I’ve only been saying I was gonna
make these for like 10 years now. But I finally got all the resources needed
(a good screen printer in Chatt’ was a major sticking point) and now they’re
done. These T’s are white “folksongs” logo that’s on the sticker so many of
you have, and like the model T they come in any color you want (so long as
it’s black). J They’re $15.00 and I got sizes from Small through 2x.

All the new stuff (and the old) can be found on the Merchandise page

By the way, for those of you who ordered “songs for work and play” and have
not yet received it. Fear not, they are still in progress and will be
available roughly at the time that the new CD comes out. But if you can’t
wait any longer, I will gladly substitute “12 songs” for it instead.

*New CD!*

We are well on our way to having the new CD done and in yr. hands by May 1st.
I think it’s gonna be called “A long way from shady grove.” It features
performances from Steve Seifert, Quintin Stephens, Robert Force and Gary
Gallier and more. It features trad. Songs, my own originals and “Eleanor
Rigby.” The major recording and editing has been completed, I’ll mix and
master at Dan Landrum’s studio next week. I haven’t whittled down all the
songs to the final few (there are 18 songs in consideration). But if they
don’t all make the CD, the tunes that don’t make it will be available
exclusively to you guys on this list.

Also, look for an announcement next week about how you can pre-order the CD,
with a special deal for email list subscribers.

In the meantime you can check out four of the tracks at my Myspace page.

And don’t forget to check out the upcoming tour dates. I’ll be at the
Central Ohio Folk festival, the Leo Coffeehouse real soon and of course KMW!

Tomorrow’s Show

I’m working on regionalizing this email list so that those of you outside of
town don’t need to know about the Chattanooga shows. BUT if you are around,
I’ll be playing the ever-smoky JJ’s bohemia with Christabel and the Jons.

Christabel does not need my help; her sexy southern swing is very popular
here in Choo-choo city. But you all owe it to yourself to check her and her
boys out should they come to your town (and they’re real road dogs, so they
will eventually) Show starts at 10. My guess is that with three acts on the
bill it won’t be a rock-n-roll 10, it’ll be pretty prompt. At any rate I’ll
be there doing what I do, and she’ll there wooing (as she does so well).
It’s a great show and I’m psyched to be playing with the Jon’s again.

Phew! that's a lot of stuff to talk about.

k, here's that show again.

Tomorrow Night

JJ's Bohemia

10pm -- $5.00

With Christabel and the Jons

and the Smart Boys

c-ya out there.



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