[Butchross] Butch Finally Plays a gig.

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Wed Jul 16 09:28:43 EDT 2003

Friday,July 18th - 8:30pm
Minstrel Coffeehouse
Morris County Cultural Center, 
300 Mendham Road (Rt. 24), 
Morris Township, NJ.
$6.00 on your way in, plus the rest of what you thought the show was really
worth on your way out
o/f BillyJonas

Maybe you remember me.

I've been out of sight a lot lately, but by no means have I doing nothing:
I been working on a one-man show for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, I
spent three weeks in Ireland playing traditional music for kids with
special needs and I've been playing A LOT of Mountain Dulcimer.

So I been out of sight, hopefully not out of mind. Mike Agranoff up at the
Minstrel contacted me just before I left for Ireland and offered me this
gig opening for Billy Jonas. I really enjoy playing the minstrel (I make
fun of NJ they agree with me, what's not to like) and I love their policy
of $6 to get in and whatever you thought the show was really worth on your
way out (no word on whether or not that means you can get money back.)

Hope to see you there.

For you Phillyfolk: I will be playing a show at Fergie's Wed July 30th.
Show starts early 9pm, it'll be most of the stuff I plan to do in the
Fringe show, (which is of course the same damn songs I've been playing for
the last year and a half anyway.)

Hope to see you there.


P.S. God as my witness, I'll update the website this week.

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