[Butchross] Butch Ross :: Dawson St. Friday Night

Butch Ross butch at butchross.com
Wed Sep 4 14:55:27 EDT 2002

Fri, Sept 06 - 2002
10:00pm $5.00
Dawson St. Pub,
Manayunk, PA

I saw the Violent Femmes on Conan O'Brien last night. Older, fatter, yet
still doing that same angst-ridden song about unrequited teenage love and
obviously hating every minute of it. I felt sorry for them, you write down
some words to get something off your adolescent chest and find it's a cult
anthem for ongoing scores of incoming freshmen. You, of course, move on,
mature, grow, but for the world's perception of you doesn't. I wrote a bunch
of crappy songs when I was 15, but nobody made them the soundtrack to their
coming of age. Then I remembered my Dawson St. gig this weekend and how
really, I am part of the problem. I felt bad.

Then I remembered that Jewel will also be obligated to play crappy songs she
wrote when she was 15 for the rest of her life. I felt a lot better.

I will be continuing to be a part of the problem this Friday in Manayunk.
Perhaps later, I'll go to a Jewel concert and request "Pieces of you" until
security finally escorts me out of the building.

c-ya out there,

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