[Butchross] Butch Ross In Philly :: Third North this Wednesday 8pm with Karuagh Brown.

Butch Ross butch at butchross.com
Mon Oct 28 00:13:40 EST 2002

Wed Oct 30, 
North 3rd, 8pm
Third and Brown
Philadelphia, PA 
with Karaugh Brown

Very, very quickly this time. I am playing this Wednesday (all hallows eve
eve) at a cool new club called Third North. I'm sharing the bill with my
good friend and fellow songstress, Karaugh Brown. Karaugh has a great new
album out called "one round orange" that was produced by folk legend Bill
Morrissey. She also has a new web site, it's got some bugs in it. but I been
really busy lately.

Been writing a ton of new songs as well, so much so I think I may do a set
of new tunes on Wednesday. (and a set of the old favorites too) They're
mostly about the same subject, but she won't be around to hear 'em.

I wrote a theme song for and am appearing in a promo piece on dog shows for
the Outdoor Life Network, Spent all day today sitting on a stool by a brook
dressed pretty much like Ellis Paul. I found myself really enjoying the
staid repetitiveness of the filming process. Maybe caused I was in the
Catskills?  How did I end up here? I dunno. I guess with the number of
Movies and shows being filmed in Philadelphia (or as we like to call it
"Tinseltown East") I guess it was meant to be. By my count, if you add this
thing with the Falcon Ridge showcase I'm down to about 4:23 left of my 15
minutes. Time to get out the ol' "Soy Bomb" T-shirt.

My folks don't have digital cable, too bad. My mom would so proud to see me
on TV besides, y'know, Cops. I, of course, will be throwing my TV out the
window and basking in the jealous stares of my theatre-major roommate, at
least until she actually sees it.

Been a pretty good week.

C-ya out there.


Wed Oct 30, 
North 3rd, 8pm
Third and Brown
Philadelphia, PA 
with Karaugh Brown

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