[Butchross] Butch Ross finally plays an all-ages show in philly

Butch Ross butch at butchross.com
Wed Oct 9 13:07:56 EDT 2002

Fri. Oct 11th · 7pm · $7.00
The Fire at the Philadelphia Bar and Grill
4th and Girard, Philadelphia, Pa
267-671-9298 http://www.iourecords.com/thefire/
With Mark Erelli and Beth Amsel

Sat. Oct 12th · 10pm · $5.00
Dawson St. Pub
Dawson and Cresson Sts.
Manayunk, Pa 

First let me tell you about Friday's show.
I'm playing the Fire (in the Philadelphia Bar and Grill) with Beth Amsel and
Mark Erelli. Beth is one of the Voices on the Verge, a Falcon Ridge
mainstager and all around great gal. Mark Erelli also a voice on the verge
of something or other, and is quickly becoming one of my favorite s/s. It is
an early show (7pm doors) and is all ages. My first All-Ages show in a long
time, so you can bring the kids.

It pays to procrastinate.

Well, it seems to pay for me anyway, My booking agent, my parents, the
perspective employer at the Kwik-E-Mart are forever asking me things like
where do you see yourself in 6 months, 5 years etc. and although I find my
pat answer (I see myself in 5 years working as your employer) funny, they
rarely do. The truth is I often don¹t have a clue what I'm doing later that

When I went to England and waited too long to have had any chance of getting
it in the 4 to 6 weeks yr. supposed to wait for such things.So I went to the
customs house and got it wrapped up in about 4 hours

This brings me to you, my job (or parts of it) as the lowly s/s is to keep
you at least a little informed about my whereabouts, as there seem to be
some of you out there who enjoy seeing me play. My personal rule says make
sure you send out your email for that weekend's shows on Tuesday (it's my
personal rule because that's what my roommate does for his shows and the
older I get the harder it gets for me to do any independent thinking) but
yesterday, i was at work running on about four hours of sleep (had a great
conversation with Kyle Ober about the plusses and minuses of country singer
Jeff Twardzik [verdict: we like him] that ultimately ended with Kyle asking
me "where do you see yourself in 5 years")

So I'm sitting there at work, incapable of forming polysyllabic sentences,
when the phone rings and my buddy Dave Wilby calls to offer a last-minute
replacement gig at the Dawson St. Pub on Saturday. Now once in great while
I've been known to play nothing but original music for 3 straight hours but
usually I end up playing covers: lousy terrible songs from the 80's. I tell
myself that I do it because you have to play to the crowd but the truth is
that I love playing those crappy lousy songs, I get to play Joe Jackson, The
Smiths, Rush whatever, it¹s totally flying by the seat of my pants and
usually involves a lot of audience participation, It¹s a lot of fun and
since yr. Not gonna be out late Friday (you are coming Friday right?) it'll
be a good fun weekend.

Finally I wanna send a big thanks to everyone who came to see me in the
mid-west, special thanks to Jordan, Gabe, Ted and Jema and Jena, Kenn and
Marnie, Casper, Dave and Billie for putting me up and/or putting up with me.
I took some pictures, wrote some stuff adn hope to get it all posted real
soon. ( I know I've said that before)

Don't forget that I have finally posted stuff on the site from England
including my Friday show at the Henry the 8th Motel, which y'all can
download as mp3's (for free Mr. Dylan) I should mention that they're on my
site and not my mp3 site.

c-ya out there.


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