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Prologue -- Don't just hit reply
Chapter 1. -- I¹ll be brief
Chapter 2. -- this new list
Chapter 3. -- why Yahoo groups suck
Chapter 4. -- My upcoming gig
Chapter 5, -- Web Site

So this is a list-serve which means replying by hitting reply will send a
post to be approved by me for everyone on the list to read. It's not reeally
what you want to do and I don't want to have to reject you (I already know
how you feel) Anyway, just write me at butch at butchross.com (not
butchross at butchross.com it's a subtle but distinct difference)

I¹ll be brief.
It¹s late and i haven¹t been drinking, so -of course- I¹m feeling creatively
tapped out, plus i spent the whole day at Ikea (which is a swedish word
meaning ³wobbly²) and though I should¹ve put spent this beautiful day in my
camped little unkempt room adding your names to this the new Butch Ross
list, you can never have too many tea candles (I now have 100) or be
reminded too often just how uncomfortable a second-rate futon can be. So
that said I got all this stuff I need to tell you about and I don¹t really
think that it would behoove us to meander.

This New list.
This is the first-ever edition of the most recent incarnation of the Butch
Ross e-mail list. I know that some of you (perhaps many of you) are
thinking, ³Butch Ross? didn¹t I sign up on his list like a year ago and then
he never sent me nothin¹.² well, not quite. I added you to my Yahoo groups
e-list which doesn¹t mention me by name anywhere on it. It¹s a long and
stupid and ultimately pointless story as to why it didn¹t but like i said
earlier, we¹re gonna err on the side of brevity (i hope) so to recap: all
that mail you would get from ³prettyLittleMessage at yahoogroups.com² isn¹t
spam, it¹s me.

Why Yahoo Groups Suck.
Because when you unsubscribe you have to confirm that you want to
unsubscribe (like anybody accidentally unsubscribes from spam)? no but
close, and worse. Check this email that Robin forwarded me (thank you BTW
and for the brownies and muffins, I¹m sorry I should¹ve done that sooner)

>Yahoo! has set up a new feature for your account--you are now
>automatically subscribed to receive spam from anyone to whom Yahoo!
>sells your account info.
>You CAN change this--
>1. Login to the Yahoo!Groups website
>2. Go to Account Info (you may have to enter your password again)
>3. In the middle section, under "Member Information", click on the
>hyperlink to "Edit your marketing preferences."
>4. Set all of the radio buttons from "Yes" to "No" (unless, I
>suppose, you actually want some of this spam) and hit the "Save
>Changes" button at the bottom of the page.
>5. Hit the "Continue" bar at the confirmation page
>6. Hit the "Finished" bar on the Review Account Information page.

When you log on to that you¹ll see that all your preferences are
automatically set to ³yes². This is bullshit. If you are on any other
yahoo.groups lists you might want to do something about that. As for mine,
you will all be unsubscribed by me later this evening. and I¹m sorry if your
getting more crap as a result of it.

My Upcoming Gig
Adam Brodsky (CEO of my so-called record label) has personally asked me (in
person, no e-mail from his manager or nothin¹ 'course we share an apartment
and rent was due like a week ago so. y¹know...) has asked to come down to
the ol¹ East End Cafe in scenic Newark, DE and do an opening set this
Thursday at like I dunno 10 or whenever those things start (I really should
know that information) Adam is a team player and all about promoting the
ideals (and the idealists) of his record label, plus there was a last-minute
cancellation and he couldn¹t find anybody good to fill-in. Thats why around
the ol¹ P-recs HQ we call him The Gregarious Schmuck. Anyway, if you¹ve
never been to the East End (or the EEC as we in biz call it*) you gotta go
if for no other reason than the food (although going for the entertainment
is greatly appreciated) Anyway go, I play early. you can leave right away.

Oh again, big thanks to Adam for the show...seriously.

Web Site
It has been said to me by trusted friends who also believe in the Butch Ross
experience (or who believe that there will one day be a Butch Ross
experience if I ever adopt positive habits like actually adding the names of
people who sign my list to the database or effectively self-promoting myself
with postcards, regular web site updates and emails that are timely, terse,
and not too self-effacing. ) ³Hey, how come your not more famous?² well, the
answer is simple: I¹m the worlds biggest procrastinator. Okay, maybe not the
biggest, but it¹s an area of my life in which I find myself especially
efficient. For example, I have owned the Butchross mail-list for about two
months now. Yet it took this Yahoo groups thing to make me get off my butt
and do something with it. On top of that, I decided that if I was gonna add
you all to the new list (a laborious cut and paste job that took almost 32
seconds) I might as well give the ol¹ web site a spring update. It¹s
basically the same there¹ll be a notes from the road section soon as well as
info about my band (for those of you just joining us, I have a band in
Philly) as well as a new ³fun stuff² section. I can¹t guarantee that it¹ll
actually be fun, but I can guarantee that if you go to it while you're at
work you will be able to successfully put off major office demands for at
least 10 minutes. I¹ll add stuff as I think of it.

okay that it. Again it¹s long and I really tried to keep it short. Check out
the site, come to the show on Thursday (Stay for Adam, i was just kidding)
and get the hell off of Yahoo groups.

c-ya out there.
and welcome aboard (of sorts)

*That¹s what we call it in the pool-cleaning biz, i have no idea what
musicians call that place. 
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