[Coco] MEMSIZ - PEEK(39)*256+PEEK(40)

Allen Huffman alsplace at pobox.com
Wed Jul 13 23:06:25 EDT 2022

PEEK(39)*256+PEEK(40) is called “MEMSIZ” in Color BASIC Unraveled. It’s the highest point in memory a BASIC program can grow to.

That could be 4094 on a 4K CoCo, 16382 on 16K CoCo, 32766 on a 32K CoCo, 32766 on a 64K CoCo.

…and these bytes are all by 1 from the actual last byte of memory. I only recently learned this while working on a new article for Vintage is the New Old.

But, to my surprise, the BASIC in the CoCo 3 reports it as 32767… Someone at Microware must have noticed it was off by one and fixed it.

So when we said, for all those years, “on a CoCO 3 with 128K, you don’t get any more memory for BASIC" we were wrong.

You get one more byte.

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