[Coco] The CoCo Crew Podcast -- Episode 35 is available!

Deny Wilson deny.wilson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 15:36:03 EDT 2018

Happy 3rd Birthday CoCo Crew Podcast!

It's amazing to think that it's already been 3 years. I wasn't a listener
from the start... I think I discovered it a year into the podcast, but I
have gone back and listened to all the episodes, and enjoyed them all.

On an unrelated (but sorta not, since it's mentioned in ep. 35), I'm amazed
at how many machines came out of trying to continue the legacy of the CoCo.
I remember Mark mentioning the Kix-30 a while ago, but I hadn't really
looked it up until today. It's really too bad that FHL couldn't make a go
of it after Tandy dropped support of the CoCo. They had some very
interesting machines come out of the labs. I still curse the fact that
Microsoft and Intel basically destroyed all the interesting computers from
the 80's.

On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 11:48 AM, John W. Linville <linville at tuxdriver.com>

> Episode 35 -- Three years and counting!
> This month we take a little time to reflect on the role and development
> of The CoCo Crew Podcast over the past three years. It has been quite
> a trip so far, and we aren't done yet. We are also joined for the
> first time by friend of the show, Mark Marlette of Cloud-9!
> Beyond that, I tell you about The Electronic Book, Boisy tells us
> all about OS-9's IOMAN, and Neil gives us the run-down on Flood It!
> Of course, Mike continues to entertain us with his spoof-mercials
> and through exercise of his editorial talents -- give us a listen!
> http://cococrew.org
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