[Coco] The CoCo Crew Podcast -- Episode 35 is available!

John W. Linville linville at tuxdriver.com
Tue Apr 17 13:48:47 EDT 2018

Episode 35 -- Three years and counting!

This month we take a little time to reflect on the role and development
of The CoCo Crew Podcast over the past three years. It has been quite
a trip so far, and we aren't done yet. We are also joined for the
first time by friend of the show, Mark Marlette of Cloud-9!

Beyond that, I tell you about The Electronic Book, Boisy tells us
all about OS-9's IOMAN, and Neil gives us the run-down on Flood It!

Of course, Mike continues to entertain us with his spoof-mercials
and through exercise of his editorial talents -- give us a listen!


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