[Coco] Pre-CoCoFest Announcement: pyDriveWire v0.3 CoCoFest 2018 Release

Michael R. Furman n6il at ocs.net
Sat Apr 14 15:13:19 EDT 2018

pyDriveWire - https://github.com/n6il/pyDriveWire <https://github.com/n6il/pyDriveWire>
Python Implementation of DriveWire 4

PyDriveWire is a nearly complete DriveWire4 Server written in Python. The goal is to eventually implement all of the features available. The server also implements additional features that are not available in DriveWire4.


(new for v0.3) Experimental printing support
(new for v0.3) New command line parameters, see the "Run It" section for details
Connections to serial ports at all supported baud rates: 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400, 460800, 921600
Listen for incoming connection on any TCP port with a default of 65504
Ability to make outgoing TCP connections for serial-net converters
Disks to be mounted can be specified on the command line
Interactive CLI allowing all dw commands to be run
Support for DriveWire 4 virtual ports
dw commmands over vport
AT Modem-style connections
Outbound connections with ATD/ATDT or tcp connect
Inbound vports via tcp listen/join/kill commands


Michael R. Furman
Email: n6il at ocs.net
Phone: +1 (408) 480-5865

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