[Coco] Known VCC bugs

Stephen Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Wed Apr 11 19:45:44 EDT 2018

I found that my HDIRECT program, fixed and improved from the Rainbow May 
1985 issue will hang when "/P" is loaded and VCC is set up to capture 
the text right on the first line. The very first time I tried it hung.


Robert Gualt while helping me with one of my old boot disks and HDIRECT 
found the same problem just ~ about a week ago.

I cannot say if the problem is with VCC, OS-9 and or NitrOS-9 as I have 
seen the problem with many runs of VCC using various versions of both 
VCC and an OS.

The HDIRECT program and the shell script to load "/P" is named p.s. is 
on SHF888.dsk (ZIP) on my Webspace: ("p.s" will only work if the "/P" 
descriptor is in the image of NitrOS-9 on the VHD)


hdirect                                        91/03/05 12:21       836
p.s                                            12/04/29 14:27        5D

The source for HDIRECT is in my online DoomsDay files set and as soon as 
I get the MB replaced on my backup HTPC I will be working on HDIRECT to 
bring it into the present century and fix other bugs (Huge VHD) and 
adding LHA support if possible.

I have ~ 250 disks to process with HDIRECT so it would be great if this 
problem was solved.

Sample output of HDIRECT is attached.


On 4/11/2018 4:01 PM, Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:
> Hello all...
> I am trying to gather a list of all known bugs in VCC. Also a list of software that does not run properly in VCC that should run on a Coco3 (not Coco2 games that don't run on a real Coco3).
> This includes any missing instructions, bad timing, etc, etc.
> Please reply in this thread so I can keep it together and make a list.
> And no... this is not a discussion of which emulator is better or a "wish list" for new features. We want to fix the current stuff first!
> Thanks :-)
> Bill Pierce
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"SHF888 12/04/29 Nani's Utilities" created on: 2011/09/15
Capacity: 1,440 sectors (1-sector clusters) 
1,042 free sectors, largest block 1,034 sectors 
                                                    Last Modified      Size

CMDS                                               12/04/29 14:59       260
    Tcmp                                           90/12/04 17:00      1B51
    archive                                        11/05/30 12:43      4E71
    colors.s                                       89/01/31 23:05       E81
    colors1.s                                      12/04/29 14:27       E71
    d2.s                                           12/04/29 14:27        2F
    dnc                                            85/11/15 15:27      13C1
    filldisk                                       91/03/27 11:08      16E3
    hdirect                                        91/03/05 12:21       836
    line                                           91/03/05 16:04      125C
    list                                           08/05/26 15:52        4F
    lsn0                                           12/04/29 14:28      11B8
    p.s                                            12/04/29 14:27        5D
    prompt                                         08/05/26 15:52        55
    sled                                           91/02/01 12:56      5CCE
    vdir                                           11/05/23 11:22        53
    w.s                                            12/04/29 14:02        94
    windows.s                                      11/06/02 21:16       A5E
DOCS                                               12/04/29 15:00        80
    archive.txt                                    12/04/29 14:51       640
    shf888_h.txt                                   12/04/29 15:01       800

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