[Coco] Known VCC bugs

Scott Wendt malfunct at msn.com
Wed Apr 11 19:24:16 EDT 2018

VCC tries to write its config file to the same directory as the emulator executable which requires you to run VCC as admin if you install it to program files unless you like errors.

The API for getting the users application data directory should be used to get a safe location for saving the config.

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Hello all...
I am trying to gather a list of all known bugs in VCC. Also a list of software that does not run properly in VCC that should run on a Coco3 (not Coco2 games that don't run on a real Coco3).
This includes any missing instructions, bad timing, etc, etc.
Please reply in this thread so I can keep it together and make a list.

And no... this is not a discussion of which emulator is better or a "wish list" for new features. We want to fix the current stuff first!

Thanks :-)

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