[Coco] Term display settings - NITROS9 L2

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sun Apr 1 11:28:20 EDT 2018

Rogelio Perea wrote:
> I asked this a long ago and I did have notes on it but apparently I wrote
> that on rice paper and the record is gone... bear with me:
> I usually setup three 80x24 screens under OS9 (NiterOS9 nowadays), back in
> the 20th century I learned how to modify Term_win so it would boot 80x24
> white letters on a black background, those offsets I am sure don't apply to
> NitrOS9 so here's the thing: what do I need to patch in there to have
> NitrOS9 boot like so instead of black letters on white?
> I am using release 3.3.0
> Also, how can I have the prompt default to OS9/whatever: on boot? I
> manually issue a p=OS9/@: on term and each window to have it that way but
> there has to be a better route to this. Putting it in the Startup file
> didn't work for me (unless I missed on something on the docs).
> Thanks!
> -- RP

In addition to the other answers you have received, you can use the command XMODE to change preset 
Window parameters.
xmode /term
Will display the current settings for Term. You can add to the command parameters ex.
xmode /term fgc=00 bgc=02 dbc=02
to change the foreground, background, and border colors. You will not see an immediate change but 
then enter
cobbler /d0
or whatever drive you booted from. The next time you boot, you will have the new colors. Those above 
give white letters on a black background.


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