[Coco] Term display settings - NITROS9 L2

Dave Philipsen dave at davebiz.com
Sun Apr 1 08:44:05 EDT 2018


The term descriptor and for that matter the Wx descriptors can be 
modified at the following offsets:

$30 = screen type
$31 = column start
$32 = row start
$33 = foreground color
$34 = background color
$35 = border color

You can use dEd and link directly to the descriptor module, modify the 
values, write it out to disk, and then verify the file (to calculate 
correct module CRC).  When you reboot the new changes will be in effect.


On 3/31/2018 9:32 PM, Rogelio Perea wrote:
> I asked this a long ago and I did have notes on it but apparently I wrote
> that on rice paper and the record is gone... bear with me:
> I usually setup three 80x24 screens under OS9 (NiterOS9 nowadays), back in
> the 20th century I learned how to modify Term_win so it would boot 80x24
> white letters on a black background, those offsets I am sure don't apply to
> NitrOS9 so here's the thing: what do I need to patch in there to have
> NitrOS9 boot like so instead of black letters on white?
> I am using release 3.3.0
> Also, how can I have the prompt default to OS9/whatever: on boot? I
> manually issue a p=OS9/@: on term and each window to have it that way but
> there has to be a better route to this. Putting it in the Startup file
> didn't work for me (unless I missed on something on the docs).
> Thanks!
> -- RP

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