[Coco] cocoflash Mass Flasher software suite

My Email rietveldh at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 3 12:41:03 EDT 2017


Just wanted to let coco flash(and perspective coco flash) users know that I am almost done a beta version of my coco flash Mass Flash software suite

The software suite consists of a pre-written menu that contains the ROM Pak images as DATA lines as well as Speech support phonics. The menu will be pre- converted to BASROM.BIN and ready to flash to BANK 0.

Also included is a modified flasher that will flash the all ready converted .ccc files to the menus matching Bank count.

How this works is that I have converted every .ccc to .bin from the archive site.  I created multiple .dsk images holding the .bin files.

I modified the existing Flash program to automatically flash the .bin in the first available Bank without waiting for user input.  The only input that the program requests is when you need to swap in the next .dsk image. I have setup the .bins to be flashed in alphabetical order and read that way in the menu.

This will create a uniform finished product.

The user can still flash any other ROMs onto the cocoflash using the original flasher if they want to customize the cartridge; and the menu can also be modified with little effort to adjust for this

thanks for your time

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