[Coco] Dunjunz Release Candidate 1

Ciaran Anscomb cocomalt at 6809.org.uk
Sun Jul 23 04:37:34 EDT 2017

Coincidence?  Synchronicity?  Either way, Dunjunz is also
nearing completion, and I've thrown out RC1 here:


Requires a Dragon or Tandy CoCo with at least 32K of RAM.  Features:

Cool extras if you have 64K or more!

Optional "easy" mode, where everything does less damage and keys &
doors are divided into two types for slightly easier recognition.

This is a remake of an '80s game, and therefore contains a scrolling
message, because that's what people did in the '80s  ;)

Cassette image loads on Dragon or CoCo.

Hybrid disk image - use on a Dragon or CoCo.  Just type "BOOT" (Dragon)
or "DOS" (CoCo, DECB >= 1.1).

Or just RUN"DUNJUNZ" if either of those fails.  DECB 1.0 doesn't have the
"DOS" command, and I've already worked around certain DragonDOS variants
that treat "BOOT" differently, so more could arise.


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