[Coco] TCP/IP update

Brett Gordon beretta42 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 02:52:52 EST 2017

In the last few days I hacked up some ioctls for fuzix's sockets.  bind()
and UDP broadcasting works now.  This morning a more-or-less normal unix
dhcp client successfully set up my coco connected via Jim's CoCoNIC card to
my run-o'-mill home LAN.

Also, I noodled with the uIP engine to also do raw ip sockets.  This was
incredibly easy to do by simply copying and modding the existing UDP code.
Now having unix raw sockets, I was able to knock out a ping client that
acts normal, sans the trip clocking.  It even reports the "dest
unreachable" ICMP thingie. :)

Here's my cool programming state of Zen thing:  Without having reviewed (or
understood) traditional unix code for 'ping' or 'dhcpcd',  my versions of
the same turned out quite similar code-wise.  I guess just knowing how the
kernel works apparently makes it easy to logic out the application
programming :P

To reach a further state of CoCo Nirvana, I spent the pm telneting to
NostalgiaMUD in one tty and chatting with friends via IRC in the other.


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