[Coco] $4 USB HOST a chip

Francis Swygert farna at att.net
Thu Feb 23 07:04:30 EST 2017

Sounds very interesting Allen! This does open the CoCo up to some USB devices, but there would still have to be a driver written to support it. Not that big a deal in OS-9 of course, but pretty useless to DECB users. 

Still waiting for someone to build a printer driver that will simply plug into the bit-banger and output to a modern dumb inkjet printer. Would have to be something like an Arduino or RPi that takes the output from the CoCo and translates it, but should be an easy software project. That $4 USB chip might make it easier to get from the CoCo into the controller though... Frank Swygert
 Fix-It-Frank Handyman Service

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