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Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Mon Feb 20 09:11:28 EST 2017

On Monday 20 February 2017 06:54:42 Christopher R. Hawks wrote:

> On Sun, 19 Feb 2017 21:11:29 -0500
> Gene Heskett <gheskett at shentel.net> wrote:
> > On Sunday 19 February 2017 20:29:15 Ed Orbea wrote:
> > > I took the xed and xprint docs (jpg images) that Gene has on his
> > > site (thanks to Bill for alerting me to this), converted them into
> > > a PDF version(s) and uploaded to the CoCo Archive site
> > >
> > > I did not make the PDF(s) "OCR-able" and I did not do any cleanup.
> > > Just converted and merged into two PDF files.
> > >
> > > Hope this helps others.
> > >
> > > Regards
> > >
> > > Ed
> >
> > I brought the missus home today & except for the repaired hip,
> > everything is good. But she is keeping me busy with the gitme's yet.
> >
> > Cheers, Gene Heskett
> Gene:
>     You know we're praying for you both. My missus (Nancy) was finally
> released by her Ortho doc 2 weeks ago, 7 months after her hip broke
> (twice). It got to be so serious, we had to go to one of the top
> orthos in the country. She's getting around pretty good with a cane
> and working on getting back to doing normal stuff.
> Christopher R. Hawks
> HAWKSoft

Thank you Christopher.  With her COPD complicating things, I don't think 
she will get back to where she was even 5 years ago.  But its  nice to 
have her home to joke with again nonetheless. Stuck using a walker for a 
couple months, maybe more.  But she is getting around on it, to the 
bathroom etc. If I had to pick her up & put her in a wheelchair, I'd 
finish my back for sure.

My diabetes has gone wild, A1C was 9.3, so I've been on a no-sugar diet, 
only eating a bread free dinner and a handfull of nuts or other 
non-sugar loaded snacking for a light breakfast, trying to get rid of 
the spare tire because that will help my back and it makes the sugar 
easier to deal with.  Currently just above 162, down 55 lbs from the day 
I retired in 2002. I figure someplace in the lower 150's will be good 
for a while and should get the beer belly gone.

Diabetes makes you a carnivore because meat is free, and fish will burn 
it up even faster.  But the breading on the stuff from LJSilvers is 
still poison for us.

The fact that this list still exists, for a computer I thought was as 
cool, and educational as can be once you got into os9, in the middle 
1980's, and is still a breath of fresh air because you and I can still 
tickle the hardware, amazes me no end.

As does the fact that the latest machine I am CNCing, is being run by a 
$35 Raspberry Pi-3b. The major problem, and it is major, is that both 
it, and the interface card that gives me 72 pins worth of gpio to run it 
with, are 3.3 volt FPGA designs, and sensitive to noise to well in 
excess of 100Mhz. And everything in the power department to run the 
motors is switch mode, inducing/radiating noise to at least 250Mhz, 
several volts of it.  So both a coffee cups worth of snap-on ferrite 
chokes and a well designed single bolt grounding system is imperative. 
As in a run of braided strap from a common grounding bolt to everything 
else. If any of the everything else has a grounded case, it needs to be 
on an insulated mount, so I've had to saw some HDPE up into 3/8" square 
sticks to make that insulation.  And long runs of the braid need covered 
in heat shrink & shrunk so it can't touch anything else.

But I am getting there, the lathe itself is working good and the homing 
switches should complete the electronics hookups. That, and figure out a 
better way to seal up the crossfeed to keep swarf (the shavings) out of 
the crossfeeds ball screw drive. When the crossfeed moves in, it exposes 
the screw  due to the slot needed to connect the nut holder to the 
crossfeed. Currently a paper shop towel is serving as a roof over that.  
Not viable in the long run.

Cheers Christopher and your delightful Nancy too, Gene Heskett
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