[Coco] Before I try to reinvent the wheel, has anyone made a "boot to coco" raspberry pi system?

Dave Philipsen dave at davebiz.com
Tue Feb 7 12:40:00 EST 2017

Another way to start a program at boot-up without having to edit the 
rc.local file is to put a @reboot command in the crontab file.


On 2/7/2017 11:04 AM, Brett Gordon wrote:
> John:
> 1. Get the linux and the coco emulator installed on the pi.  Make note of
> the command line needed to start the emulator manually.
> 2. as root, add your noted command to /etc/rc.local
> 3. If the linux you install uses the controversial "systemd" boot up (I
> think many linuxes do now, including raspian) you'll have to tell systemd
> to run rc.local at boot:
> https://ask.fedoraproject.org/en/question/26898/what-is-the-auto-start-file-like-rclocal/
> brett

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