[Coco] BUG with rbsuper and tc3 drivers

Tim Fadden t.fadden at cox.net
Mon Feb 6 18:57:05 EST 2017

On 2/6/2017 4:18 PM, Tim Fadden wrote:
> On 2/6/2017 3:15 PM, Tim Fadden wrote:
>> I have been having problems getting scsi disks working with the 
>> latest nitros9 I downloaded from the nightlies Feb 2nd.
>> I have two disks attached one set to ID 0, and one set to ID 4
>> OK so I made a boot floppy with sdc drivers, sdsuper/tc3 drivers, and 
>> floppy controller drivers with floppy as /dd.
>> It all boots up fine.
>> Now when doing a dir listing on /sd0 through /sd6 the system comes 
>> back with the listing of target 0!
>> all the descriptors show their respective target  ie drv=0, drv=1, etc.
>> so either tc3 driver, or sbdriver is not handling the scsi ID at all.
>> I have multiple partitions on the drive , so next i did a dmode on it 
>> to change the offset, IE
>> dmode /so wpc=0F ofs=D302
>> low and behold, there is the dir from my second partition.
>> so this leads me to believe that the offset is being passed correctly.
>> I have not tried to write to them!  ha ha.   So for anyone that has 
>> just one drive attached all would seem to be working perfectly, but 
>> with multiple drives it is a no-go.
>> Is any one savvy enough to figure out where the scsi ID is being 
>> egnored?  I would certainly appreciate it.
>> Thanks!
>> P.S. on a side not I was reading the superdriver docs, saying it can 
>> handle up to 4 gig, is this drive size, or partition size? I am 
>> guessing drive.  although I have an 18 gig attached with 4 partitions 
>> that seem to be working correctly. Might just be because I never put 
>> enough data on them to wack out the next partition.
> Could the Init module module have anything to do with it?
> I compared the os9boot's from the sbdriver distribution disk that sees 
> the disks properly, and from one that can only sees target 0. and the 
> device descrptors and sbdirver and tc3 idents exactly the same.
> the init module is quite a bit different.
> I will play around some more.
> Thx all, 
Ok to test out the init possibility I created a os9boot with the new 
distro, substituting the init from the os9boot the accesses scsi ID's 
correctly.   all 6 targets still only see target 0.  I can make no sense 
if this at all.

discouraged and feeling stupid is saying it mildly.

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