[Coco] CoCoSDC / SDC-DOS file corruption for RS-DOS?

Nick Marentes nickma at optusnet.com.au
Mon Feb 6 14:00:54 EST 2017

On 7/02/2017 3:46 AM, Allen Huffman wrote:
> Has anyone seen any file corruption with SDC-DOS? I have several BASIC programs I was working on, and when I go to load them, they are now incomplete. In one case, I had three copies, as a version control (like "PROG1.BAS", "PROG2.BAS", "PROG3.BAS").
> I find that all three of these are incomplete -- one is 2 grans, the others are just 1. It's as if the end of the files were lost.
> Sadly, it was my SDC-BACKUP utility I was working on. It must have gotten corrupt early on, since I checked the backups of the SD card I made to the computer (file-by-file copy of the .DSK images) and they are also like this.
> Anyone noticed any problems?
> 		-- A

I have. Are you running in double clock speed? The SDC can corrupt when 
writing in double clock speed.... just like a real disk controller to 


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