[Coco] Profiling emulator?

Mathieu Chouinard chouimat at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 10:47:48 EDT 2016

Bill, I have the start of a gui-less port somewhere, let me take a look

On Sep 13, 2016 10:37 AM, "Bill Pierce via Coco" <coco at maltedmedia.com>

> Mark, the original plan was to get the sources into a more "modern" state,
> then swtich the graphics to QT. The whole thing is stuck at the moment as
> the conversion wasn't finished (this is not on github).
> BTW, which branch are you working from? The "Master" has some problems
> (hence the work in the offline version), and the "VCC-1.200b" branch is the
> current release.
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> On 30/08/2016 11:57 PM, Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:> Mark, you're welcome
> to join in on the VCC project. We really need more> people. I just handle
> the page (no programming). There are 2 programmers> working on it, both
> AWOL at the moment for "life reasons"Tonight I finally managed to get VCC
> building and running under MINGW/MSYS!Of course gcc builds from the
> command-line using a makefile. I'm not a make guru so it could be a bit
> verbose, but it works!A few patches for compatibility, a few 'bugs' fixed
> that GCC complains about, #include <afxwin.h> commented-out, a call to
> AfxInitRichEdit commented-out, and one line in the main .RC commented-out
> for the moment, but it boots into the Coco3 BASIC ROM!!!What didn't run was
> the Knight Lore cartridge image, though my total testing has been around 10
> seconds! Plus there's the small matter of the stuff I commented-out...
> ;)When next I get time, I'll see if I can fix the stuff I commented-out,
> though I think AfxInitRichEdit will be a problem... can we do without it?
> Depending on the use of rich edit controls, it may not be necessary to call
> this function.So... I guess I should join the project and submit proper
> patches to build under both platforms, though I don't have Visual Studio
> installed (that was the point of this exercise). And I have to learn how to
> use git (though I have been using Mercurial).The patches should be simple,
> like _inline (MSVC) -> inline (gcc) so I guess we create an 'osd' header
> and #define INLINE depending on compiler etc...I guess when we get it
> running 100% in GCC we can replace the Win32API calls with wxWidgets or
> (shudder) Qt and have it running on different platforms... I've used
> wxWidgets before but must admit I wasn't completely enamoured with
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