[Coco] Coco2 and cassette .wav files

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Sat Nov 12 22:16:47 EST 2016

I was thinking the same thing Robert, the microphone has a different impedance.  The only problem with my machine is the microphone cable input is a foot and a 1/2 away from the headphone.

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On Nov 12, 2016, at 9:10 PM, Robert Gault <robert.gault at att.net<mailto:robert.gault at att.net>> wrote:

Bill Nobel wrote:
So far Robert, I am just doing cassette.  I ordered the parts for a Drivewire cable.  I have successfully loaded HDBDos from cassette.

Saving a file I am using the standard ‘csave’ command. I think it must be the same as input, I have a option on the microphone I need to disable.

Bill Nobel
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See Bill Pierce's message that reminded me that you don't want the hdbdosdw4cc2.wav but hdbdosdw3cc2.wav.

I suspect that you do not want a mike input on the PC but a higher level audio input. You would normally use AUX on a Coco cassette for input to prevent overload. Use a similar one on your PC's sound card.


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