[Coco] Coco2 and cassette .wav files

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sat Nov 12 20:08:21 EST 2016

Bill Nobel wrote:
> Robert, I am trying to send HDBDos.wav from Cloud9 to the Coco2 to get Drivewire up and going.  At least till I get a eprom burned. I just acquired this 64k Coco2 from ebay, which is the first real hardware I’ve had since the ‘90s.
> Bill Nobel
> b_nobel at hotmail.com<mailto:b_nobel at hotmail.com>

Right! Here is what I did with a file from the HDBDOS project. It was not 
obtained from Cloud-9.

hdbdw3cc2.wav is the required file. You will also need an audio cable from your 
PC to the correct pins on a Coco cassette plug. I used an actual Coco cassette 
cable patched to an audio cable.

I used Windows Media Player, but any .wav player could be used. I also ran this 
test on a Coco3 but a Coco1 or Coco2 would work the same way.

For a test enter
and play the .wav file. This will tell you that you are receiving the audio from 
your PC.
The enter CLOADM and start your .wav player. You should see the S and then F 
HDBDW3C2. If there are errors during the CLOADM, adjust the PC volume.

After an EXEC I see the Disk Basic logo and HDB-DOS 1.4 DW3 COCO 2.

Audacity ought to work as your .wav player. Try the above and report. If you 
want me to send you the .wav file I used, let me know.


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