[Coco] Hello and does anyone remember DFT?

Steve Ostrom smostrom7 at comcast.net
Fri Nov 11 15:56:54 EST 2016

I have an archived copy of the DFT program, the original tape, and a copy of 
the documentation.  My records show this was produced by Big Systems 
Software.  I can easily locate both the tape and the documentation.  For the 
archived version of the program, please check with Guillaume Major.  It is 
located at 31-055, 28-011 and 27-033.

Hopefully this is the same program you are asking about.

--- Steve ---

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> Hi Allen,
> Thanks for getting back to me.  The main reason I want the program is to 
> play with it again a trip down memory lane copying some disk programs to 
> tape and some tape programs to disks and to know this program isn't gone 
> forever.  There are a handful of programs that I used all the time when I 
> was young and this was one of them.  I found the rest but DFT I can’t 
> find…

Oh, I bet I am thinking of a different DFT. The one I had was a modem file 
transfer program.

-- A
Hi Allen,

No I think you’ve got the right program in mind.  DFT was also used for 
transferring programs over the modem from disk or tape.  To another person 
running DFT and saving to there disk or tape.  I hope someone has a copy of 
this program.  Like I said I would be sad to think it’s gone forever.  I 
guess it wasn’t as popular as I thought it was.  But I used it all the time.


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