[Coco] toolshed beta release

Tormod Volden lists.tormod at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 15:15:08 EDT 2016

(toolshed - for manipulating OS-9 and DECB disk images on
Linux/Mac/Windows and more)

I have prepared a beta release of Toolshed 2.2 in the hope that it can
get some testing before the real release. There is a zip for win32
(should work fine on 64-bit as well) and a deb for Debian/Ubuntu
64-bit (12.04 or later) in http://toolshed.sourceforge.net/snapshots/

Since Toolshed 2.1 there are many fixes by Tim Lindner, David Ladd,
Robert Gault and me, too many to be mentioned. Please see the
mercurial log at
https://sourceforge.net/p/toolshed/code/ci/default/tree/ (click at
"History") which lists 77 commits since tag 2.1. Most fixes were to
these tools:

os9 format (-l sets pd_typ, allocation bitmap fixes)
os9 gen (respect cluster size, number of sides only for floppies)
os9 free (cluster size, largest free block)
decb copy (copy meta data)
decb dir (print header, escape non-printing characters)
decb dsave (new)

The documentation recently received a brush-up from Tim and can be seen at

The help message of e.g. os9, decb, makewav will now list the Toolshed
version. The beta release shows "2.1", and only the final release will
be bumped to "2.2".

There has also been a few updates to HDB-DOS which will be released as
part of Toolshed 2.2, but they are not included in the beta release
packages (only the cross development tools).

The home page for Toolshed is http://toolshed.sourceforge.net - or
http://toolshed.sf.net to save keystrokes.

Best regards,

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