[Coco] Tape emulation

Barry Nelson Barry.Nelson at amobiledevice.com
Wed Mar 16 13:42:46 EDT 2016

This cable (or a similar one) gives you a microphone input jack to your phone. You can then connect your cell phone to the CoCo’s cassette output.




I find this more convenient than using a computer.


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I use my android phone running a voice recorder app.


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Wed Mar 16 01:35:52 EDT 2016 


>        I know we can use various media players to play tape audio to be read by

>         the CoCo.
>         In my original CoCo days I never used the tape functions.  When not using
>         real tapes how are people saving files using what the cooc thinks is a tape
>         but using modern hardware?
>         My main reason is for saving data while using program paks that don't allow
>         for use of a disk drive via an MPI.


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