[Coco] Orchestra-90CC and CoCoSDC with MPI

Travis Poppe travispoppe at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 01:29:55 EDT 2016

On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 11:32:39PM -0400, Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:


> ... Rogelio is correct in that orc90 files have NO extension. If they
> are files you downloaded, they will most likely need conversion OR
> loaded with the ASCII option (see the manual). 

I did read in the manual that the ORCH90 pak only displays Orchestra-90
files when you issue the (D)IR command. I'm wondering how it determines
what those are if no extension is provided?

The bulk of the files I found were indeed in ASC format, so I hunted
down a disk image containing /ORC files. Those were not detected, even
upon dropping the extension on one of the files. 

Per your suggestion and Darren's test, I am convinced it has nothing to
do with the SDC. Perhaps you're right that I have incompatible files. 

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