[Coco] Orchestra-90CC and CoCoSDC with MPI

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Travis, the Orchestra90 has it's own disk routine that accesses the drive controller directly. It does not use DECB at all. It's most likely some slight incompatiblitly with the SCD. Darren may not be aware of this, so you may want to let him know.
Rogelio is correct in that orc90 files have NO extension. If they are files you downloaded, they will most likely need conversion OR loaded with the ASCII option (see the manual). They are probably files either created with the Tandy Model 1-3 Orc80-90, which uses a slightly different file format, or downloads from the orc90 sig on Delphi or CIS which would be in ASCII format or created with the "Orch-PD" program which also uses ASCII. There is a conversion progam in the Color Computer Archives for these files.

A good test to see if it the SDC or the files is to boot the Orch90, save the demo song ("William Tell Overture") to disk on the SDC, then try to re-load it. Remember, no file extension.

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On Tue Mar 15 2016, Travis Poppe wrote: Hi All, > > Have any of you successfully read .orc files from a mounted DSK with the > CoCoSDC and Orchestra-90CC pak? > > I've got the SDC in slot 4 of the MPI and a disk mounted. I switch to > the ORCH90 pak in slot 1 and reboot, then attempt to DIR drive 0. The > SDC flashes, but the pak doesn't return anything. > > I wonder if it requires a real floppy disk controller to work? > The Orchestra Pak can be a little quirky with its disk access. Do the Orchestra files have an extension assigned to them? (ORC being a typical one). If so try renaming them (while in Disk BASIC) dropping the extension completely, do a directory from within the Orchestra pak see if anything comes up. -- RP -- Coco mailing list Coco at maltedmedia.com https://pairlist5.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/coco 

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