[Coco] CoCo "message threading" Was: Version 0.1.20 of CMOC C-like compiler released

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Tue Mar 8 23:03:59 EST 2016

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> Apologies for not replying to the thread - I only read the mailing list from the archives. Is there a way to “trick" the mail server into threading an email properly in this situation?
If you use Gmane, there are several sort options one of which will "thread an email properly in this situation". Some times the great folks up toward SFO (Google) will give a hit on a message when I search for some CoCo information.

This link will take you to the current end of the CoCo list threaded.


I get the same message from the mail server and Gmane, the mail server copies are read and deleted and the Gmane copies marked as read. I seldom use the http://news.gmane.org/ so I cannot give the exact method of getting to a specific message. 

Then later I can search back to 5/4/2005 using Outlook Express (From Vista on W7) which is a better search engine than the mail server one but not as good as Google.

Be sure to reply to [CoCo], not the Gmane copy.

The list is echoed to "gmane.comp.hardware.tandy.coco" on the 
"news.gmane.org" server. 

Go To 


Click on "Lists" on the left side. 

Then enter "CoCo" into the "Search for group:" box and you will find the 
CoCo list 

61211 gmane.comp.hardware.tandy.coco Tandy Color Computer (CoCo) List 

If you wish to use a news reader, add to your accounts: 

Server: "news.gmane.org" 

The following line pasted into your browser may be a quick start. 




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