[Coco] CCASM

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Tue Mar 1 09:20:57 EST 2016

Robert Hermanek wrote:
> I've been using the CCASM cross assembler for ages... occurs to me my version
> 4.0 may no longer be current.  Anyone know if this is still being supported, or
> if there is an official web page/etc?  A few quick google searches didn't bring
> up anything more recent than 2009...
> Thanks
> -RobertH

The latest version is 5.82 (4/26/15) which you can get at

One major difference is that there is a parameter switch to select 6809 only 
assembly or both 6809/6309 assembly. If you use this assembler with RainbowIDE, 
the IDE selection of 6809/6309 is just cosmetic and you must configure the 
assembler by adding a     -6309     to the command line if you want to assemble 
for that cpu.


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