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PWM can be used for a bunch of stiff. For example, controlling stepper motors as you say, but also for control motor speed on non-stepper motors, LED dimming, ultrasonics, frequency generation, voltage regulation (switching power supply) and of course sound generation.

While not all applications might be of interest to everyone, the PWM channel does open up new possibilities. I don;t know how programmable the PWM on the SDC CoCo II is, but still is an interesting addition, Regards, Salvador

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On 20/07/2016 6:43 AM, Zippster wrote:
> With the addition of an analog low-pass filter, yes.
> Otherwise they are square waves.
> - Ed

I assume that the PWM functionality is built into the microcontroller 
for the ability to control things like stepper motors

Sounds cool but I wonder how many CoCo enthusiasts would actually do this.

Is there an option in the controller to vary the amplitude of the PWM or 
better still, a DAC to dump data from the RAM to the sound output for 
enhanced game sounds?

I also assume that any PWM sound will not be mixed with the CoCo's 6-bit 

(So many questions.)    :)

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