[Coco] CoCo Flash cartridge

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Sun Jul 17 02:42:02 EDT 2016

Another update, I have written a utility which is a loader that can be used to load any standalone bin program from a cartridge. You simply stick code I wrote in front of the bin file, including the 5 byte header and trailer, and then right it into a rom. I have two version of the program. One works with normal rom cartridges and can load a bin file up to 15.7k in size. The other version works with either a bank switched cartridge or the CoCo Flash and can load any size bin file. You do have to insert 512 bytes of zeros every 16k though to skip over the FE00 to FFFF memory area. I have used this to make an 8k rom of a disk based game Gobbler, and a 64k rom that contain buzzard bait (actually, a little less than 32k is really used). 

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