[Coco] Versions of the DoodleBug cartridge.

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Thu Jul 14 19:13:56 EDT 2016

Barry Nelson wrote:
> I am about to flash one of them, not sure which one I want to do though. I have tried all three in VCC, two appear to have different color sets from the third one. Your comment seems to tell me this was not a very common cartridge, so it may never have been released? I was hoping someone might know something about the history and origin of these versions.

I've tried these with both VCC and MESS. With MESS, #2 & #3 run with Coco3 
emulation and have different PMODE3 colors. #1 with MESS will run with Coco2(b) 
emulation but not Coco3 and the colors are artifact PMODE4.

VCC will run all three of the ROMS. The #1 requires setting VCC to Composite 
Display to get colors.

When I did a byte for byte comparison of the #2 & #3 ROMs, only one byte was 
different. That ought to be the byte that selects the PMODE3 color mode.


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