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Thanks Bill, I will look for more information about the HDBDOS ROM and about the high speed poke. Regards, Salvador

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Salvador, the roms ending with 5A000 are for dual partitioned, 90 meg VHDs (RSDOS & Nitros9). The others are for single partitions or setting your own partitions (read the HDBDOS manual) for RSDOS or Nitros9. The roms ending with "bck" are for Coco3, but they do not use the double speed poke (for timing sensitive apps & games), the roms ending in "bc3" have the double speed poke on at all times. With these, even if you turn the hi speed poke off, it will turn back on with the first disk access. Hence the 2 types of roms.


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Hi all,Motivated by CoCoFEST and Steve's emulator videos I went ahead and installed VCC 2.01 with Drivewire 4 (using DECB). All went well and I am documenting what I have done; however, I have a question. When setting up the Becker port I need to select an external ROM within the FD-502 floppy controller configuration.When looking at the files included with VCC I see four similar ROM files for HDBDW:hdbdw3bc3.romhdbdw3bck.romhdbdw3bck w-offset 5A000.romhdbdw3bc3 w-offset 5A000.romFrom the documentation that I found, it seems that those with the 5A000 offset are for use with NitrOS9 and those without it are for DECB. Further, those ending with bck are for the COCO 1 and 2 while those ending with b3 are for the CoCo 3. Is this correct? Thanks all! Salvador-- Coco mailing listCoco at maltedmedia.comhttps://pairlist5.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/coco

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