[Coco] ok i am learning but not fast enough

Richard Hawk rhawk1 at centurylink.net
Wed Feb 17 22:23:08 EST 2016

I pulled my real COCO3.  I am wanting a hard drive but cloud 9 is sold out
on the superide.  So I am stuck with using drivewire4 and vccemudisk.vhd


I been pouring over the internet and reading manuals and trying.  I came up
with I have to boot in to hdb-dos 1.2 I need to purchace a new rom I think I
saw there is hdb-dos 1.4 out there. So if anybody knows where I can purchase
that i would appreciate it.  


So anyways I type (POKE &HD938,5 : POKE &HD939,&HA0 : POKE &HD93A,0) and I
have the .vhd in drive 0 in the drivewire.  I can access all the drives 0 to
255  no problems.  I copied a nitros9.dsk (one that actuall boots up and has
the correct clock and all. And it is (good test
nos96309l2v030209coco3_dw3.dsk 629kb) works well when you boot that up.  So
anyways I copied it to 255 and run (link:253) and it won't link.  So anyways
I tried dos 255 and it boots all the way and hangs right before the clock
and shell prompt


It goes through the entire white screen where it loads or whatever it doing
then screen turns green with nitros9 level 2 vers 3.3.0  get all the way to
end and just sits there before the time and date when you just hit enter and
it should read the time from drive wire


I am so sorry for being a pain in the ass  

But I keep all emails so I can go back and look at it when needed so that's
my sad story


Thanks again Richard Hawk

Rhawk1 at deskmate.  

Ps everything going great with vcc and vccemudisk.vhd.  just wanting to get
the real thing set up now


Deskmate working like a charm printing with disk basic and nitros9 on the
vcc side great and also can print through the real coco also


That's why I want to use the nitro9.dsk cause it has everything I like on it
already set up  



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