[Coco] 10 Liner Text Adventure in Micro Color BASIC

Jim Gerrie jim_gerrie at yahoo.ca
Tue Feb 16 22:38:13 EST 2016

Calling all classic IF BASIC game players! 

I have created a new 10 Line BASIC text adventure for the TRS-80 MC-10 Computer. It’s called "AREA51" and can be found in the 4K directory of the JimG directory of the Cassette directory in the Virtual MC-10 Emulator which can be downloaded here:

Just run VMC10.exe and then type CLOAD and hit <Enter>. Then find the AREA51.C10 file under the "play cassette" option of the File menu. Then type RUN and be prepared for a surprisingly complex and challenging adventure for a 10 line BASIC program. Well, at least I hope so. Any feedback welcome and special kudos for anyone who can post the walk-through here. And remember no peeking at the source code;)

The program is for a 10-liner BASIC game contest, info can be found here:

Jim G.

P.S. It now fits in 4K. If you win, see if you can recognize the musical fanfare!

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