[Coco] RGBDOS, HDBDOS, and key repeat

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Robert, I was hoping you would chime in. I just checked the hdbdos source and it seems that the key repeat code was removed. Most likely to make room for some of the larger HD drivers that were added later since hdbdos can be built for several HD types.


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Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:> Brett, according to the hdbdos source, Flexi-key, which is the same utility used for key repeat in rgbdos, is located at the very end of hdbdos. >I can't seem to find the key repeat sequence in the the flexikey code (I may be missing something), so it may have been removed to make >room for all different drive formats.>> Bill PierceGuys,Here is the answer. HDBDOS is based on RGBDOS (RGB Computer Systems) sold with Ken-Ton hard drive systems. Both contain Flexi-key by Colin Stearman.RGBDOS for emulators is also based on RGBDOS but has extra code that I added.The repeat key code within RGBDOS for emulators may have been in the original article by Colin Stearman (which I can't find) but it was not within the Flexi-key section of RGBDOS or HDBDOS.There may or may not have been room in HDBDOS for this extra code.KREP	tst	>KEYREP	beq	X@	LDX	#KEYBUFA@	LDA	,X+	ANDA	#MASK	CMPA	#MASK	BNE	B@	CMPX	#$15A	BNE	A@	INC	>KCLEAR	LDA	>KCLEAR	CMPA	#6	BCS	X@	CLR	>KCLEAR	CLR	>KHOLDB@	INC	>KHOLD	LDA	>KHOLD	CMPA	#RATE1	BNE	X@	SUBA	#RATE2	STA	>KHOLD	LDX	#KEYBUFC@	LDA	,X	ORA	#MASK	STA	,X+	CMPX	#$15A	BNE	C at X@	JMP	$8955	PROCESS NORMAL IRQRobert-- Coco mailing listCoco at maltedmedia.comhttps://pairlist5.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/coco

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