[Coco] Cartridge case needed

Barry Nelson Barry.Nelson at amobiledevice.com
Tue Feb 9 14:25:23 EST 2016

I see everyone is carefully ignoring my earlier message. Hey someone at least respond and tell me to take a flying leap, or something! :)

Does anyone have a beat up cartridge for a CoCo that I can buy for the case? I actually saw a few on ebay and they are not expensive, but they are in very good condition and I want to avoid damaging a good cartridge if I can. I want to put my CoCo Flash board in a case so that it is easier to make sure it is inserted properly and is protected.

I don't object to the price of the cartridges on ebay, some were pretty cheap, I just feel bad scavenging a cart that is described as "very good condition" and photos show it in good shape. If I could find a beat up one on ebay I'd be fine with that, but all the ones I found were in good shape with clean labels, and I would feel guilty scavenging them. Heck, I'd even pay a few extra dollars for a new 3d printed cartridge if it meant saving a vintage cartridge that is in good shape.

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