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Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Fri Feb 5 00:58:20 EST 2016

I have updated my MShell project and from the reports I have received, it will work with Linux DW4 server systems allowing the user to copy files to & from the Linux DW4 server to and from you NitrOS9 drives. I still have not heard anything from those who said they would test it on Mac servers for me, but it "should" work correctly on Mac as well.

I have fixed several bugs I found over the past few days while moving files to and from my PC...
Bug in the "Move File" functions (both single and batch modes) where the file would not be copied. Fixed
Bug an the "Set File Attributes" function where the attributes were not being set correctly. Fixed.
A bug in the "Directory Favorites" where when you change to a new directory, then call up the drive menu, the "Current Drive" would not be right. Fixed.
A bug in the "Internet Updater" where after an update, the screen did not refresh properly. Fixed.

Anyone new to MShell...
MShell is a Graphics oriented File Manger for NitrOS9 L2. It features dual 2 column directory listing in which you point&click to copy, move, delete, and manipulate files on your OS9, RSDOS, and DW4 PC server's files systems. This has to be seen to believe!
MShell has many more features (and many more coming), but you'll have to read the included text file to see the complete list as well as instuctions on using the features.
MShell requires a 512k Coco 3 (or emulator) and NitrOS9 3.3.0. DriveWire4 adds many functions like PC file copy and internet updater, but it is not required for MShell. See the included text file for the full requirement list.
The MShell website is here (though a little out of date now)


And the installation disk can be downloaded here:


MShell has MANY features and capabilities and you'll never find them all without reading the text file. Also, MShell requires certain drivers in your NitrOS9 boot, so PLEASE read the system requirements before trying to run it. The file also includes instructions on using the installation disk. MShell consists of 14 files (so far) and is not just a type the cmd and go program...

Those familiar with MShell and running a previous version "may" be able to use the updater. I found that the updater had a bug that may go 3 or 4 versions back, so if the updater fails, use the installation disk. Yhe updater works perfectly in this version.
Those who were testing this for me will want to update. This is a newer version than last tested. Your updater should work.

Thanks to all who were helping me test MShell, we fixed a lot of stuff and added much more :-)



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