[Coco] wdir command? A FIX

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Thu Feb 4 21:45:23 EST 2016

Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:
> I now have the wdir C code working as well :-)
> This give me just the syscalls needed in another program I am working on.

Glad it helps. The root of the problem was in os9.d

* Device Table Format
                ORG       0
V$DRIV         RMB       2                   Device Driver module
V$STAT         RMB       2                   Device Driver Static storage
V$DESC         RMB       2                   Device Descriptor module
V$FMGR         RMB       2                   File Manager module
V$USRS         RMB       1                   use count
                IFGT      Level-1
V$DRIVEX       RMB       2                   Device Driver execution address
V$FMGREX       RMB       2                   File Manager execution address
DEVSIZ         EQU       .

The entries in DevTable in wdir missed the last two entries above from LevelII. 
Keep in mind that Kevin's program does work with the original OS-9 LII so the 
above table LevelII entries must have been added by NitrOS-9.


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