[Coco] Latest Release of the VCC Color Computer 3 Emulator

Camillus camillus.b.58 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 15:33:12 EST 2016

Thank you Robert, fo your info.

But how can I access a xxxxx.dsk fille that is loaded as floppy in drive 0?

I do DIR /D0 and get a #249 error ( wrong type )

thank you 

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On 1/10/2016 8:24:47 AM, Robert Gault <robert.gault at att.net> wrote:

One important correction to the previous message. The VCCEmuDisk.vhd disk you
are using was set to boot from an emulator not via Drivewire. That means when it
is mounted in Drivewire, you can access the 256 Basic disks but can not boot
into NitrOS-9.
To boot into NitrOS-9 using that .vhd image, you must mount the .vhd directly in
VCC and select the RGBDOS ROM in VCC. Then you will be able to access both the
Basic disks and NitrOS-9 from the menu you see when emulation starts.

You could create a new boot disk containing a different Boot module so that you
could boot into NitrOS-9 with the .vhd mounted in Drivewire. You'll need to
become much more familiar with NitrOS-9 before you can get that trick to work. :)


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