[Coco] The WinCMOC Project (CoCo C Compiler + Editor)

Derek John Evans derek.john.evans at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 31 00:57:07 EDT 2016

I've been working hard on a Windows port of the CMOC C Compiler.


I needed a backend CoCo C compiler for another project of mine, so, I started work on WinCMOC. CMOC is fantastic, but it lacked the ability to link, and it didn't have a set of libraries.

Anyway, the project ended up being bigger than I had planned, since I got hooked on CoCo coding. I still have my little CoCo from when I was 16. Mmm. 20+ years ago.

WinCMOC is at version 0.4 The full source code can be viewed online here:


Simple examples are here:


I've managed to interface with Color/Extended/Disk BASIC via the CoCo input buffer, which is slow, but it works for all the CoCo's and Dragon's. I've written a fast conio library which supports 32x16, 16x12, 32x12, 16x24, 32x24 and 64x24 text display on a standard CoCo. Basic Unix style disk access is done. But, if you find something isn't working right, its easy just to code up a function yourself.

If anyone wants to write some small examples, feel free to email them to me. I'll include them all.

cheers CoCo fans!


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